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Voroza Love Birds Motion Sensor Desk Lamp

Voroza Love Birds Motion Sensor Lamp

$114.00 $105.00
This lamp has some serious creativity and style. It’s beautifully crafted in the minimalist design. The birds and the egg light up and there you feel the fantasy. Moreover, it’s the symbolic representation of Life and royalty.
Sunbotic Wooden Deer Lamp

Sunbotic Wooden Deer Night Lamp

This modern-style table lamp has a wooden base with light smooth finish. It’s main part cuts into a Deer figurine. When switched on, you really see the fine detailed warm geometrical lines. You will be amazed for once and all!
Stallion Organic Pine Wood Table Lamp Main 2

Stallion Organic Pine Wood Table Lamp

$74.00 $57.00
If you’re looking for a unique bedside table lamp that strays from the ordinary, this design made from glass stone and Pinewood would make an interesting choice.
Voroza Vintage Desk Lamps 2

Voroza Vintage Desk Lamp

$82.00 $69.00
Here’s something that definitely stands out from the rest, in terms of both aesthetics and appearance. These Vintage Desk lamps take a different approach to design making a royal vintage look
Voroza Nordic Bedside Lamp 1

Voroza Nordic Bedside Lamp

Whether you’re looking for something with modern Nordic style or need the perfect accent piece for your minimalistic-themed bedroom, this chromium finish table lamp is a wonderfully unique option. What a warm aesthetic!
Sunbotic Iconic Minimal Lamp Main

Sunbotic Iconic Minimal Lamp

$125.00 $109.00
That Lamp is perfect for your bedside desk and turns the ambiance so romantic and charming that leaving the room will be difficult.
Sunbotic Wooden Spring Lamp Main

Sunbotic Wooden Spring Lamp

$82.00 $69.00
The inspiration for this dramatic design is inspired from Nordic Arts. The finished form and texture is achieved by overlapping chains of Oakwood, making the shell-like cavity with a Spring illusion. The lamp sits beneath the base producing diverse shadows and an excellent illumination.
Voroza Professional Minimalist Magnetic lamp Red

Voroza Professional Minimalist Magnetic lamp

$110.00 $87.00
Whether you are a professional architect or you are just looking for a luxurious light to outfit your home office, this modern LED lamp is a great option. It sports a sleek design with an innovative induction technology.
Stallion Wrought Iron Table Lamp Main 1

Stallion Wrought Iron Table Lamp

$69.00 $53.00
There’s something almost magical about this lamp. The design is pretty simple: A vintage filament bulb suspended behind a marvellous handcraft which is worth priceless!
Sunbotic Nordic Style Motion Sensor Table Lamp

Sunbotic Nordic Style Motion Sensor Table Lamp

$35.00 $22.00
The Nordic Style lamp is the type of quirky accessory that you can expect to see in certain types of modern and contemporary homes. It has a classic design with a top structure made of ABS & Plastic. The base is made with Stainless steel with a polished Chrome finish.
Stallion Crystalline Crystal Table Lamp Silver

Stallion Crystalline Table Lamp

$57.00 $42.00
“Looks fantastic in your living or dining room. If you are into glamorous looks and a modern design you will love it”. This lamp gives a very modern and stylish vibe to any space.
Nature’s Sepak Takraw wooden Table Lamp Green

Nature’s Sepak Takraw wooden Table Lamp

$63.00 $49.00
Do you work in a wood-paneled study, lined with shelves of leather-bound volumes? Though most of us don't, we can try to get the look! At home in many a library, club, or old-fashioned bank, a traditional low desk lamp with a twined wood fibers imparts a sense of gravitas onto any style desk. It also functions just as well now as it did decades ago.