How to set up your affiliate account

Thank you for showing interest in joining our affiliate program. If you are looking ways to have extra passive income, then you are at right place. it is super easy to set up your account and start earning money almost immediately if you have a decent traffic /following in your website/blog. We offer commissions up to 20% per transaction + lifetime commissions + Multi-level marketing (MLM) commissions. To understand more about the percentage of your earnings, please visit here first, then come back here and follow the tutorial below to set up your affiliate account.

Step 1: Signup to our affiliate program

Please visit here and create a free account by filling your details. We urge you to thoroughly read terms of service before you register.

 Signup to our affiliate program


Step 2: Verifying your account by email process.

Once you have successfully registered, you will get an email to verify your account. Click on the link in your email to verify your account. Once verified, your account will be activated immediately. But in some cases, manual approval is done if required. In those cases, the activation may take up to 48 hours.


Step 3: Create a campaign to create your affiliate links in an organized manner (optional step).

Once your account is activated, please visit here or you can directly go to My account> Affiliate. Now hover your mouse to the Marketing tab and you will see campaigns. Click on it and you will be able to create new campaigns. You shall create different campaigns for different category of products on our website. For example – Create a campaign name -“Table lamps” and create affiliate links for different table lamps.

Affiliate program - Create a campaign to create your affiliate links in an organized manner.


Step 4: Choosing right products to promote

Well, we sell home decor items such as canvas arts, table lamps, clocks etc. Just browse through our website and you will find some suitable products that you can promote on your blog/website.

Step 5:  Create affiliate links

Go to marketing> affiliate links and scroll down to Links generator. Here you can select your campaign and insert ANY product link to create your affiliate link. You can then insert or embed this affiliate link on your website. Once somebody visits our website through your referral /affiliate link and purchases any product, you will get a certain percentage of commission based on your rank. Learn more about the ranks here. The cookie is valid for 120 days. This means that if somebody clicks on your referral links and does not purchases anything immediately but comes back and purchases within 120 days, you will still be credited commissions. Once a visitor through your referral link purchases an item and becomes our customer, you will also receive lifetime commissions for all the future purchases done by the customer.

Affiliate program - Create affiliate links


Step 6: Monitoring Analytics and Dashboard

We keep complete transparency with all our affiliates. The success of this program depends on one key factor – Authenticity. That is why we provide all the data to our affiliates under “overall” section. Affiliates can see full reports such as how many times their links were viewed and which links are getting converted.

Affiliate programs : Analytics


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